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Not Sure Which Package is Right For You? Call... (833) 300-PREP

how it works

Simply give us your dietary preferences, place your order, our experienced chefs will create a customized menu based around your requirements, we then deliver your meals direct to your door within a few hours of being prepared! Simply Heat & Eat!
The shopping, cooking & dishes all taken care of!


1. Choose Plan

We offer a range of dietary customizations to fit around your goals & lifestyle.


2. Get Delivery

You'll receive your fresh, healthy meals Sunday evening for the first half of the week and Wednesday evening for the remainder of the week delivered in Denver & the surrounding area.


3. Heat & Eat

All meals come prepared and cooked. Simply heat through with your preferred method and ENJOY.

Our Ingredients

Sourced Locally

When it comes to the health of our loyal members we take absolutely no shortcuts. Our produce is locally sourced and delivered to our kitchens within a few hours of being prepared. All of our meats are also locally sourced, humanely raised and delivered fresh never frozen. We do not use any products containing high fructose syrups, hydrogenated oils, modified starches, man-made dyes, table salt, white flour or white sugar. Your health is our #1 priority.

Our Packaging

100% Recycled

We take pride in our country, our community, and our products. All of our meal containers and paper products are 100% BPA Free, fully recyclable. We spend extensive time and resources scouring local markets to find the highest quality products and we hope that you appreciate our efforts as much as we appreciate the opportunity to serve you!

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1. How do I get started?

Use our super easy online payment system to get started or call our enrollment specialist at (833) 300-7737. All online orders will also receive a confirmation email.

2. How do I know which plan is right for me?

Each of our menus is designed with a specific goal in mind. On each meal plans page, there is a description of what each menu was designed for. If you are unsure of which option is right for you, give us a call at (833) 300-7737, and one of our enrollment specialists will point you in the right direction.

3. Are Peak Fitness Meals natural?

Absolutely! All of the ingredients used in our meals are non-GMO, free of hydrogenated oils, modified starches, high fructose corn syrups, man-made dyes, preservatives, white flour, white sugar & table salt. All of our meats come in fresh daily!

4. Do you have gluten free meals?

Indeed we do! Our Paleo plan is gluten-free. Our Paleo pancakes, baked goods, and breaded items are all prepared with coconut, tapioca flour & nut flours. For members with severe gluten intolerances, we will simply exclude these items to exclude any potential for factory cross contamination.

5. How does delivery work?

We deliver four times a week, Sunday & Wednesday evening to homes & apartments. Monday & Thursday morning to local businesses/ office buildings. We deliver all around Denver & the surrounding areas.

6. How soon can I start?

As long as we've received your order and payment by Friday before 8 pm MT or Monday by 8 pm MT you will receive your first delivery the Sunday & Wednesday following respectively. 



$10-14 a meal

Designed for people who want to maintain their current weight.


$10-14 a meal

Gluten free and diabetic friendly, designed to help you lose body fat and tone up.


$10-14 a meal

This high fat, low carb diet plan is designed to induce a state of ketosis, ideal for weight loss.

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